Budgie - Budgie, 1971 (Hard)

1. Guts 4:21
2. Everything in My Heart 0:52
3. The Author 6:28
4. Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman 8:41
5. Rape of the Locks 6:13
6. All Night Petrol 5:57
7. You and I 1:41
8. Homicidal Suicidal 6:41

Tony Bourge - guitar, vocals
Burke Shelley - bass, vocals, mellotron
Ray Phillips - percussion, drums

"Budgie is the debut album of British hard rock band Budgie. It was released in June 1971 through MCA Records. The US version on Kapp Records includes 'Crash Course in Brain Surgery', originally released as a single and covered by Metallica on their 1987 EP The $5.98 EP: Garage Days Re-Revisited. 'Homicidal Suicidal' has also been covered by the Seattle grunge band Soundgarden. Canadian band Thrush Hermit covered 'Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman' on the album All Technology Aside, included on the 2010 'The Complete Recordings Box Set'. The opening track 'Guts' as well as 'Homicidal Suicidal' can be seen as precursors to doom metal.
Budgie has generally received moderately positive reviews. Sounds criticized the album as being somewhat nondescript, but praised it for having 'a lot of good natured foot-tapping music' and concluded 'I certainly find it infinitely preferably to Black Sabbath, and I have the feeling that Budgie might develop into something a lot more interesting.'
In a brief retrospective review, AllMusic declared that 'For those seriously interested in metal's development, bombastic treasures like 'Homicidal Suicidal,' and 'Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman' are essential listening.'"




Re: Barin
I'm fine Behnam, thank you
Just some circumstances...
Nothing serious
I'll probably back before New Year

How are you?
Re: Barin
Hi! I'm fine too. I just missed You...

Good news is that I got 50th anniversary re-issues of Scorpions from Sony Japan. I'm going to make another order soon; I will tell you about it...

I got many Action/Adventure games for PC...just to re-fresh good memories of my teenagehood. I just finished Resident Evil: Revelations...Very Cool Game!!

Take Care!
Ok, that's cool, take whatever time you need. We miss you though. I have spent the last 3 weeks going through my entire collection of your music, listening to each band and culling the ones that don't do it for me. I've been thinking about you the whole time, and Mom has had to listen to all of it too (she's in the next room in her art studio) and so she got an education. LOL
Behnam misses you...
Dear Barin,

How are you?

A few days ago I was listening to a record published by Normal records and I checked their website. There are many great psychedelic music to discover there. Then I noticed that you have posted many of these rare gems here before. ...and I appreciate every record you have posted kindly for me and others here. You were and are so generous & cool...

Well if you want to know what I've been doin' & buyin' these days; I am doing OK and I have purchased many beautiful records...

Here is the list:

Twisted Sister: [I got these expanded records from Ward/Armoury]
(1982) Under the Blade (Secret SECXP9/Roadrunner RR 9946/Intercord Tonträger GmbH INT 148.902/Atlantic 81256-1)
(1983) You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll (Atlantic 7 80074-1)
(1985) Come Out And Play (Atlantic 81275-1-E)
(1987) Love Is for Suckers (Atlantic 7 81772-1)
(1999) Club Daze, Volume I: The Studio Sessions (Spitfire 5023-2)
(2004) Still Hungry (Spitfire SPT 15142-2/Drakkar 82876 64188 2)
(2005) Live at Wacken (The Reunion) (Verita Note VQCD-10256)

Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield:
(1969) Live Adventures of Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield (Columbia KGP-6)

Mike Bloomfield:
(1969) It's Not Killing Me (Columbia CS 9883)
(1973) Triumvirate (Bloomfield, Hammond & Dr. John] (Columbia KC 32172/CBS 65659/Columbia CD 32172)
(1983) Bloomfield (A Retrospective) (Columbia C2 37578/CBS 22164)

Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Stephen Stills:
(1968) Super Session (Columbia CS 9701)

The Electric Flag:
(1968) A Long Time Comin' (Columbia CS 9597)

Nick Gravenites:
(1969) My Labors (Columbia CS 9899)

McGuinn, Clark & Hillman: [...to complete ''The Byrds'' collection]
(1979) McGuinn, Clark & Hillman (Capitol SW-11910/Capitol UK E-ST 11910)
(1980) City (Capitol ST-12043)

McGuinn - Hillman:
(1981) McGuinn - Hillman (Capitol SOO-12108)

The Byrds: [...a very interesting issue with three different artworks]
(1969) Preflyte [3 Bluspec CD Complete Edition] (Together 1001)

Fermáta: [I have always loved progressive rock from Eastern Europe. I already got some from SBB and Collegium Musicum]
(1975) Fermáta (Opus 9115 0374)
(1976) Pieseň Z Hôľ (Songs From Ridges) (Opus 9116 0521)
(1977) Huascaran (Opus 9116 0604)
(1979) Dunajská Legenda (Opus 9116 0726)

Progres 2:
(1971) Barnodaj [The Progress Organization] (Supraphon A. S. 1 13 0985)
(1979) Dialog s vesmírem (Panton 8113 0130)

Synkopy & Oldrich Veselý:
(1981) Sluneční Hodiny (Panton 8113 0078/Bonton Music 493163 2/FT FT0099-2)

(1983) Křidleni (Panton 8113 0407)

(1975) Night on Bald Mountain (Passport PPSD-98010)
(1976) Two, Too (Passport PPSD-98016)

(1974) Trace (Philips 6423 075/Sire SASD-7504)
(1975) Birds (Philips 6413 080/Sire SASD-7514)
(1976) The White Ladies (Vertigo 6360.855)

Bill Bruford:
(1978) Feels Good to Me (Polydor PD 1-6149/E'G EGCD 33)
(1979) One of a Kind (Polydor PD 1-6205/E'G EGCD 40)
(1979) The Bruford Tapes (Polydor BRUBOOT 28/E'G EGS 106)
(1980) Gradually Going Tornado (Polydor PD 1-6261/E'G EGCD 67)

Rick Wakeman: [I lost his records but I'm buying his records as deluxe edition.]
(1973) The Six Wives of Henry VIII (Deluxe Edition) (A&M AMLH 64361/SP 4361)
(1975) Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Deluxe Edition) (A&M AMLH 64515/SP 4515)

Fleetwood Mac: [...to complete their Reprise records.]
(1979) Tusk [3 CD Deluxe Edition] (Reprise PRO-866)
...more from P-Vine:
I thought I should get all of Jazz & Blues records from P-Vine...so I did!

Hound Dog Taylor & The HouseRockers:
(1971) Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers (Alligator 4701/Sonet SNTF 676)
(1974) Natural Boogie (Alligator 4704/Sonet SNTF 678)
(1976) Beware of the Dog (Live) (Alligator AL 4707/Sonet STA 20357/Sonet SNTF 701)
(1982) Genuine Houserockin' Music (Alligator AL 4727)

Fenton Robinson:
(1974) Somebody Loan Me a Dime (Alligator 4705/Sonet SNTF 686)

Buddy Guy:
(1981) Stone Crazy! (Alligator AL 4723/Isabel 900.500)

Otis Rush:
(1976) Right Place, Wrong Time (Bullfrog 301)

Karin Krog:
(1974) We Could Be Flying (Polydor 2382 051)

Paula records: [I'm afraid Mal Waldron and James Moody on Paula were sold out.]

The Art Ensemble of Chicago:
(1973) Chi-Congo (Paula LPS 4001)

Odell Brown:
(1974) Odell Brown (Paula LPS 4005)

Ronnie Kole: [He is a great Pianist!]
(1968) Ronnie Kole Plays for (You Alone) (Paula LPS 2200)
(1969) New Orleans' Newest Sound (Ronnie Kole Trio) (Paula LPS 2207)
(1970) New Orleans ...Today (Paula LP 2209)

O.V. Wright:
(1971) A Nickel & a Nail & Ace of Spades (Backbeat BLP-70)
(1973) Memphis Unlimited (Backbeat BLP-72)

Buster Brown:
(1974) Something to Say (Mushroom L-35355/Aztec Music AVSCD003)

Sun Ra: [Now, I have 4 records from Sun Ra.]
(1978) Media Dreams [Deluxe Edition] (El Saturn 19783/El Saturn CMP-1978)
(1980) On Jupiter (El Saturn 101679)

Lightnin' Hopkins:
(1959) Lightnin' Hopkins (Smithsonian Folkways FS 3822)
(1960) Lightnin' in New York (Candid 9010/Barnaby Z 30247)
(1963) Lightning Hopkins (Crown CLP-5369/CST-369)
(1967) Blue Lightnin' (Jewel LP/LPS 5000)
(1968) Talkin' Some Sense (Jewel LP/LPS 5001)
(1968) Texas Blues Man (Arhoolie F 1034)
(1970) The Great Electric Show and Dance (Jewel LPS 5002)
(1965) The Blues (The Complete Sittin` In With / Jax Recordings Vol.1) (Mainstream S/6040)
(1972) Dirty Blues (The Complete Sittin` In With / Jax Recordings Vol.2) (Time 3/Mainstream MRL 326)
(1973) Lightning Hopkins in Berkeley (Arhoolie 1063)

...and 10 more CDs on Crown; I have 20 Jazz CDs from Crown:

Coleman Hawkins:
(1960) Coleman Hawkins (Crown CLP-5181/CST-206)
(1962) The Hawk Swings (Crown CLP-5207/United-Superior US 7707)

Joe Houston:
(1963) Limbo (Crown CLP-5319)

Wardell Gray:
(1953) Los Angeles All Stars (Modern LMP-1204/Crown CLP-5004)

Nat King Cole:
(1964) Nat "King" Cole Meets Lester Young (Crown CLP 5305/Crown CLP 5412/Baccarola 85.020-X/Ember CJS 812)

Don Gardner Trio Featuring Jimmy Smith & Bill Davis:
(1963) Don Gardner Trio Featuring Jimmy Smith & Bill Davis (Crown CLP-5355/CST-355)

Billie Holiday:
(1963) Billie Holiday and Vivian Fears (Crown CLP-5380/CST-380)

Dave Brubeck Quartet / Paul Desmond Quartet / Cal Tjader:
(1961) Dave Brubeck Quartet - Paul Desmond Quartet - Cal Tjader (Crown Records CLP 5288/CST 288)

The Modern Jazz All Stars:
(1958) Jazz Masquerade (Crown CLP-5009)

The Johnny Louis Trio:
(1965) The In Crowd (Crown CLP-5468/CST-468)

Wish you Health and Happiness forever...!

Best Regards,

P.S. Please come back!
Вы совсем пропали. С днём рождения!
Hi! Barin!
Dear Barin,

How are you doing?

I'm listenin' to Transit Express CDs; You've posted them before I get the CDs...Thanks!

My previous orders arrived home; You were right about space, I don't have any space anymore...All Cabinets full! I haven't ordered the new drawers & the Computer desk that I designed yet. I may go to the new house soon. I wanted to check the rooms before ordering new cabinets.

There were Ata-Tak Boxes among the new arrivals; I believe Ata Tak is an important German label for late 70's & early 80's Neue Deutsche Welle & Minimal Synth/Synthpop music:

Der Plan:
(1980) Geri Reig (Warning WR 003/Captain Trip CTCDB-736)
(1981) Normalette Surprise (Ata Tak/MLP Das Buro WR 007/Optional OPT LP 003/Captain Trip CTCDB-737)
(1983) Die Letzte Rache (die musik zum Film) (Ata Tak WR 017)
(1985) Fette Jahre (Ata Tak WR 34/Suezan Studio SSZ3009)
(1987) Es ist ein Fremde und Seltsam Welt (Ata Tak WR 41/Suezan Studio SSZ3011)

(1979) Inland (Warning WR 002/Suezan Studio CTCD-742)
(1981) Ausland (Ata Tak WR 10/Captain Trip CTCDB-738)
(1984) Pyrolator’s Wunderland (Ata Tak WR 026/Suezan Studio SSZ3008)
(1987) Pyrolator’s Traumland (Ata Tak WR 042/Suezan Studio SSZ3012)

(1979) Produkt Der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft (Ata Tak WR 00/Mute MUTE 9117-2/The Grey Area DAF0CD)

Lost Gringos:
(1982) Nippon Samba (Ata Tak WR 15/Captain Trip CTCDB-739)
(1983) Endstation Eldorado (Ata Tak WR 19/Suezan Studio SSZ3003)
(1984) Troca troca (Ata Tak WR 24)

(1981) Monitor (Ata Tak WR 11/World Imitation DL 2000/Suezan Studio CTCD-743)

Holger Hiller:
(1983) Ein Bündel Fäulnis in der Grube (Ata Tak W0R 20/Cherry Red BRED 59/Wave SP25-6001/Suezan Studio CTCD-744)

Minus Delta T:
(1984) Bangkok Project (Das Projekt -Δt) (Ata Tak WR 21/22/Suezan Studio Studio CTCD-745)

Die Doraus Und Die Marinas:
(1981) Blumen Und Narzissen ‎(Ata Tak WR 12/Poplot MTCY-1001/Bureau B BB 87/Suezan Studio SSZ3001)
(2012) Live 1981 (Bonus CD) (Suezan Studio ‎SSZ3006)

Ja Ja Ja:
(1982) Ja Ja Ja (Ata Tak WR 16/Suezan Studio SSZ3002)

Die Zimmermänner:
(1984) Goethe (Ata Tak WR 25/Suezan Studio SSZ3004)

Picky Picnic:
(1985) Ha! Ha! Tarachine (Ata Tak WR 31/Marz MARZ 2/Suezan Studio SSZ3005)

13 Thirteen:
(1987) Can That Be True? (Ata Tak ‎WR 40/Suezan SSZ3010)

I like New Wave, Minimal Synth, Synthpop; but Experimental not that much. Among them, I had already listened to Pyrolator; I liked their music. So I thought I should get these Boxes...